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Whether you or your employees are moving to a new country, conducting business globally, or leading a multi-cultural team, WorldWide Connect helps individuals and organizations succeed with cultural training and culture courses.

Helping individuals and organizations to live, work, and travel the world.

About Us

WorldWide Connect is a premier cross-cultural and global workforce development firm. Our goal is to increase cultural competence and fluency, develop global mindsets, and make conducting business globally more effective.

Worldwide Reach

We have hundreds of cross-cultural experts around the world who can deliver on-site or virtual cultural training programs – where you want them, when you want them, and how you want them.

Programs & Services

With our extensive global network, we deliver cross-cultural training and global workforce development solutions to you achieve your business and financial goals.

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Provide international assignees and their families with the knowledge needed to successfully live and work overseas.


Maximize the potential for your employees to be more effective when working across cultures, time zones and borders.


Take the guesswork out of working on a global scale by giving your employees important cross-cultural knowledge.


Your business is the world. Our business is to help you achieve success, navigate across cultures, lead global teams, conduct business effectively, and more.


Create culturally competent employees and develop global business leaders through our customized culture courses.


Knowledge and inside information are the keys to international travel. WorldWide Connect unlocks all the secrets through our premier travel seminars, workshops, and culture courses.

How we’ve helped
others succeed

  • Conducted “Doing Business in China” programs for 300 US employees
  • Coached the CEO of a Fortune 500 company on US/Chinese business strategy
  • Multi-cultural Teambuilding session for employees from 10 countries
  • Expatriate Training Program for a VIP moving from Belgium to Dubai
  • Global Leadership Development Program for European and US executives
  • Trained VP of Sales (for an aerospace company) moving to Australia
  • Expatriate support services in Germany, Malaysia, Japan, UAE, England, Russia, Vietnam, Australia, South Korea, India, China and more…
  • Coached VP of HR (Asia-Pacific) of a billion-dollar company in Malaysia
  • US/Brazilian Team-building session for a JV partner in Sao Paulo
  • Virtual training for auto executives in Argentina working with Americans
  • Cross-cultural Integration Plan for an international M&A
  • Youth and teen training for children moving abroad to help them to adjust
  • Cross-cultural training for a Global HR team of a Fortune 500 company
  • Intercultural Communication Workshop for a company exporting globally
  • Global Business Briefing for a US business traveler going to Japan
  • Presented  ‘Work-Life Balance Across Cultures’ at a company retreat
  • Repatriation training for a Chinese national moving back to Beijing
  • Assessed intercultural competence of a global team with an on-line tool

How can we help you?

100% Satisfaction Rating

“I believe that all expats would benefit greatly and be better positioned for a successful assignment if they have cultural training. There is just too much margin for error and getting off on the wrong foot without the proper preparation and education. In my humble opinion, this should be a “must” as the damage that can be done simply by not knowing or understanding local culture can be very difficult to mend, and in certain situations, irreversible.”

“As an expat, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know!’ That’s the key concept for me to understand the value of a training program like this. I consider it absolutely basic and fundamental; it should be mandatory.”

“The information was very practical and we can start using everything we learned immediately after we walk out the door.”

“I loved the program! It was really informative and detailed. Our trainer made sure that I didn’t have any questions left unanswered in the end.”

“We certainly enjoyed our training and learned a lot! Thanks for all of your hard work putting it together. We look forward to our continuing our follow-up training in the upcoming months.”

“I am extremely grateful I had a chance to take the cross-cultural training and now much better prepared for success while working in Asia and understand the business culture of our JV in Malaysia.

“Our trainer was wonderful. She is well informed, experienced and engaging. I would recommend this program to others because it was well organized and pertinent to our situation.”


Being a Global Boss – How to Lead Across Cultures
Jan/Feb 2018 Issue

Leading people from different or multiple cultures can be fraught with difficulties. Are you too egalitarian in hierarchical culture? Is your company culture top-down when your international colleagues make decisions through consensus-building? Download the article online now.

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WorldWide Connect’s founder and CEO, Brenda McGuire, was also recently featured in the best-selling book, Professional Performance 360: Success, along with Sir Richard Branson and other world experts.  She shares tips for working across cultures and how she “founded WorldWide Connect to help people around the world to bridge cultural gaps, increase cultural competence, and develop a global mindset to reach their business and financial goals.”

Brenda McGuire Book


WorldWide Connect

WorldWide Connect offers a variety of seminars and culture courses tailored to the needs of a diverse cultural audience. We provide keynote speakers, and presentations for events, conferences, and industry meetings. Let us empower, entertain, and inform your audience with dynamic cultural training.

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