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Connect Across Cultures

Learn how to understand cultural differences with cultural awareness training.

When it comes to understanding cultural differences and how to break through those challenges, WorldWide Connect is your go-to source.

We offer a host of customized cultural awareness training seminars, workshops, and training programs designed to help participants understand the limiting preconceptions they have about working in such a complex, ever-changing global environment.

Ultimately, with professionals in key locations around the world, we will help you and your team reach the peak performance levels you are capable of, no matter how high the bar is set.

Program Examples

Intercultural Communication 

  • Communicating Effectively Across Cultures
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Seminars
  • Communication Coaching
  • How to Communicate Effectively in… (i.e. China)
  • Presenting to a Cross-Cultural Audience

Cultural Business Training

  • Doing Business In ‚Ķ
    (eg: China, India, USA)
  • Country Specific Briefings
  • Global Awareness Seminars
  • Passport to Global Business Success
  • Working Effectively Across Borders
  • International Business Negotiations


  • Multi-Cultural Team Building
  • Communicating Effectively in a Virtual World
  • Managing a Virtual Team
  • Working Remotely in a Cross-Cultural World