• Mission: To prepare individuals and organizations to effectively connect, lead, and succeed in a cross-cultural world and achieve their business goals.
  • Core Values: Integrity. Relationship. Loyalty. Passion. Respect. Open-Minded.
  • Founded in 2007, WorldWide Connect has been operating for over a decade
  • Trained thousands of people from over 50 countries
  • 100% satisfaction rating on all cross cultural training courses for the past 3 years
  • Hundreds of experts on 6 continents delivering world-class solutions
  • Founder & CEO, Brenda McGuire – 20+ years of international experience, lived in 6 countries and traveled to over 80, cross-cultural business expert, #1 best-selling author, award winner speaker, and former Director of Global Workforce Development for a Fortune 500 company

Industry Expert

Thought Leadership…

WorldWide Connect has been invited – as an industry expert – to share its expertise at various human resource and global mobility conferences, corporate meetings and events such as:

  • Interviewed by CEO Magazine – Jan/Feb 2018 – “Being a Global Boss – How to Lead Across Cultures”
  • Presented at the cibtm Expo in Beijing, China – “How to Work Globally and Connect Across Cultures” – http://www.cibtm.com/en/Contributors/4083789/Jeremy-Wong
  • Keynote address at the Greater Relocation Conference – “Small World, Big Success”
  • ASTD Presentation (South Africa) – “Global Leadership Competencies for Cross-Cultural Sustainability”
  • Keynote address at the Pacific Northwest Relocation Conference
  • Panel Speaker on Expatriate Support at Americas Global Mobility Summit
  • Global Workforce Development Webinar – SHRM Iowa
  • “Working Effectively With Other Cultures” program – Export Conference hosted by the U.S. Department of Commerce and International Trade Administration

WorldWide Connect has been seen in the news…

WorldWide Connect

…and in the air.

WorldWide Connect was featured in an in-flight film about cross-cultural business on over 1,700 US Airways flights.

Also Seen In…

In Magazines…

Worldwide Connect - Brenda McGuire

WorldWide Connect has been seen in such publications as CEO Magazine and WOW Magazine sharing expertise excerpted from their cross cultural training courses.

…And on a Global Stage.

WorldWide Connect has been invited to present at international conferences, company retreats, keynotes, and industry events. We speak on topics such as global leadership, cross-cultural business effectiveness, expatriates, global mobility and travel.

Meet Our Founder and CEO – Brenda McGuire

Brenda McGuire is a #1 Best-Selling Author, an Award Winning Speaker and Trainer, and a Global Business and Travel Expert.

But she’s more than that. In knowing her, you’ll see why your success matters and how deeply she understands the challenges you face in the workplace and as an individual traveler…. and why she created WorldWideConnect.

This small town, Iowa girl followed her dreams to experience the world with all its amazing opportunities and unique challenges … and then, she transformed those experiences and cross-cultural connections into ways to help others find success and reach their travel and global business goals.

During more than 25 years of international experience, including living in 6 countries and traveling to over 80, Brenda successfully trained thousands of individuals and companies in more than 50 countries how to effectively operate across borders despite cultural, time zone, and language barriers.

 As the former Director of Global Workforce Development for a Fortune 500 company, she understands the need to prepare individuals and organizations to succeed and lead in a competitive global business environment.

Brenda’s passion for people and building their international success, both on a personal and professional level, led her to create WorldWide Connect in 2007 and in 2012, launch a second, successful international business, Global Gals, which educates, inspires and empowers women to achieve their travel goals and dreams personally and professionally.            

Learn more about Brenda at www.brendamcguire.com