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Developing World-Class Workforces

Global Leadership and
Workforce Development

Whether your organization needs assistance in developing high-potential global leaders, leveraging your global workforce talent, or working within a culturally diverse team, we deliver the practical skills and knowledge needed to achieve personal and professional success.

Our Global Leadership Programs are designed to help leaders develop the necessary skills and competencies for effective leadership in a rapidly transforming global environment.  Programs cover diverse topics, such as the impact of globalization and how it influences leadership, as well as the different styles and techniques of leaders around the world. These programs will enable participants to:

  • Develop global leadership skills and competencies for today’s global environment
  • Examine the concept of culture and its impact on international leadership styles
  • Analyze global leadership research and best practices on leadership effectiveness
  • Learn cross-cultural communication skills to strengthen relationships across borders
  • Develop international business and social protocol, ethics and conflict resolution skills

Our Global Workforce Development programs are designed to help ensure that your employees are ready to handle the unique challenges of working with business partners, clients and resources from around the world.

Developing a global mindset in your workforce and providing employees with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the international business market can be the difference between strong business relationships and a return on your investments or failed deals and ventures.

Global Leadership Development

  • Customized Global Leadership Development Programs — for individuals and groups
  • Global Leadership Retreats
  • Leading in the Global Marketplace Seminars
  • Global Leadership Assessment Services
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leading Effectively Across Cultures

Global Workforce Development

  • Customized Global Workforce Development Training Programs – for individuals and groups
  • Intercultural Development Inventory Assessment Services
  • Working Effectively with Your Global Team
  • Working Globally Workshops
  • Multi-Cultural /Virtual Teambuilding
  • Global Awareness Seminars

Global Talent Consulting

  • Global Workforce Development Consulting for organizations involved in international mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing/off-shoring, joint ventures and sales
  • Global Talent Development
  • Cross-Cultural Integration Consulting
  • Cross-Culture Workforce Consulting for international organizations

For more information about our Global Leadership and Workforce Development Solutions, contact WorldWide Connect today.