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Work Virtually With The World

Working virtually is becoming the new norm for communication across the world.

Whether conducting global business on-line, hosting virtual meetings, or working with international clients, it is important to recognize that cross-cultural differences still exist regardless of the setting.

In this program, you’ll learn the cross-cultural skills and competencies needed to communicate and collaborate successfully in today’s virtual business world. Also, you will discover tips and tricks to excel at your next virtual global event or meeting.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for you if you want to learn how to increase your effectiveness when working with culturally diverse colleagues, clients and customers – both locally and globally.

This program is designed for:

  • Global business professionals
  • Multi-cultural Teams
  • Global leaders/managers
  • Business Units/Departments
  • Global Teams

Training Content

In this engaging and interactive program, you will learn practical tips & strategies to:

  • Communicate virtually across cultures and time zones
  • Host virtual meetings around the globe
  • Build relationships and trust in an on-line world
  • Navigate diverse cross-cultural communication styles – i.e. direct vs indirect
  • Avoid embarrassing & inappropriate communication faux pas
  • Understand cultural etiquette and protocol
  • Work more effectively in a multi-cultural/virtual context
  • Collaborate effectively with your international clients/colleagues
  • Utilize the appropriate communication channels

Through our fun and interactive Cultural Jeopardy game, participants will learn the cultural do’s and don’ts for working virtually with various countries/regions of the world.

Available ourse delivery formats:

  • On-site
  • Virtual
  • Webinar

This program can be conducted for an individual, team, or group.

What Participants Are Saying…

Thank you for the great course! 

“This course is full of very useful tips. It is very engaging and makes us wanting to know more. Thank you, great course would recommend it anyone.'”– Claire S., UK

Very Timely Program 

“This program could not have been more timely information on inter-cultural businesses dealings in our new virtual world.  This is an extremely important subject for companies to understand. Your “Jeparady” game show format of asking questions at the end was both engaging and fun!” – John C., China Consultant

It’s a Small World! 

“The world has become a small village. Some organizations do business virtually across the globe and across different cultures. This program helped me with international business effectiveness when working virtually.” –  Eric I, VP – Financial Services

Phenomenal Program! 

“Worldwide Connect did a phenomenal job teaching Working Virtually with the World and keeping the participants engaged the entire time.  Competency in this skill is essential for success in the current environment — every business person needs it.” –  Joseph R, International Trade