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Expatriate Training Prepares Your Assignees for a
Successful Overseas Assignment

Challenges that come with living and working in an unfamiliar country can’t be over estimated. When employees understand the culture in which they will be living and working, they are much more likely to succeed while on assignment. WorldWide Connect’s customized expatriate training programs provide expatriates and their families with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to speed their transition and improve cross-cultural business understanding for your assignees.

Our programs enable expatriates to…

… Learn vital information about
their host country.

  • Protocol and techniques for doing business in the host country
  • How to meet daily needs in the new environment
  • Relevant nuances about the culture, geography and history

…Understand the role of culture in business and social relationships.

  • Differences in cultural values between their home country and host countries
  • Preferred styles of communication and making business transactions
  • Etiquette and protocol for social and business engagement

…Develop the skills and knowledge for successful adaptation in life and work overseas.

  • Competencies for effective cultural adaptation while on assignment
  • Identifying and effectively managing the transition to minimize culture shock

By investing in these expatriate training programs you will help your assignees and families to:

  • Feel more comfortable and be more productive in their new host culture
  • Avoid costly mistakes, and reduce conflict resulting from cultural differences
  • Be more effective in meeting your business objectives, which improves profitability

WorldWide Connect offers support before, during
and after an overseas assignment


  • Expatriate Candidate Selection and Assessment Services
  • Pre-Departure/Post-Arrival Cultural Training for Assignees and Families
  • Global Business Training and Coaching for Employees

On Assignment:

  • Expatriate Training
  • Youth and Teen Training
  • Spouse/Family Support and Coaching
  • Global Leadership Development for Assignees
  • Cultural Training for the Local Management and Workforce


  • Repatriation/Re-entry Training Programs
  • Repatriation Coaching
  • Workforce/Succession Planning

WorldWide Connect delivers high-quality expatriate training and solutions that will support your assignees throughout their entire assignment. With our extensive global network of trainers and consultants we deliver programs when, where and how you want them. Having been expatriates themselves, our trainers understand the psychological, emotional, physical and logistical challenges of relocating overseas. Our programs are designed to make the adjustment easier by being customized according to the expatriate and their family’s needs, objectives and personal situation.