Your business is the world. Our business is to help you achieve success, navigate across cultures, lead global teams, conduct business effectively, and more.

We Help Women Worldwide Who Want To:

  • Work effectively across diverse cultures, borders, and time zones
  • Have a job that involves international business travel
  • Work with colleagues, clients, and customers around the world
  • Lead a global team, and want to develop your global leadership skills

Whether you are moving to a new country, conducting business globally, or leading a multi-cultural team, we are here to provide international businesswomen with the necessary skills and tools to be successful in a cross-cultural business world.

How We Can Help You or Your Organization …

We can provide the support, training, and coaching for women in your global workforce to:

  • Develop a global mindset and increase cultural competence
  • Be effective when working in a cross-cultural world
  • Advance international business and career opportunities
  • Increase the number of women expatriates and women leaders

Sample Programs

Women Working Globally Workshops

An introductory global business and cross-cultural workshop open to all women.

Global Gals Business Bootcamp

A 1-day intensive training program for women in your organization who are working across cultures, leading global teams, or are interested in developing their cultural competence skills for career development.

The Expert Expat

A developmental coaching program for women interested in pursuing an international assignment.

Global Executive Leadership Program

A customized coaching, training, and assessment program for women leaders and executives within your organization to successfully connect, lead, and succeed in the global marketplace.

(Women’s Opportunities Worldwide) Program

This program is designed for young business professionals within your organization to help provide and prepare them with the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to be a future manager, international assignee, project or team leader, or global business representative.

Our sister company, Global Gals, is dedicated to empowering and educating women – of all ages and backgrounds – to live, work and travel the world.  Global Gals offers a variety of resources, support and on-line training programs to help busy global business, travel and expat gals to succeed globally.

WorldWide Connect also offers additional programs and seminars for Global Business, Executive, and Expat Gals, too. If you have a specific request or developmental objective in mind, we are able to customize programs for the women in your global workforce.

If you would like more information on any of our signature programs, or what kind of customized training we can offer your or your organization, you can contact