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Sydney, Australia
Global Leadership Expert

A highly experienced expert presenter, researcher, trainer and consultant, in International Relations, Economics, and HRM this consultant based in Australia has a background in international relations globally but with a special focus on Asian economies. In this he is able to draw on academic and practical experience in economics, banking and finance, human resource management, government, politics, and business with an international perspective. He has presented many keynote addresses at international conferences, managed international research projects, and taken a leading role in many international organizations and business associations.

He has led and presented in many training programs across a wide variety of fields for many Asian countries such as China, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam, but also Kuwait and a United Nations sponsored group from Iran.

Over the years he has held roles such as President of the Australia Vietnam Business Council, Director of the Australian Chinese Business Development Association, Program Director for the Hong Kong Australia Business Association, Chairman of the Sydney Trade Point and of the New South Wales Trade Efficiency Association. He has had active roles in UNESCO, OECD, and APEC, as well as other international organizations.

Over the last two decades this trainer has often been a Keynote speaker at International Conferences, including both chairing and presenting business conferences for the International Institute for Research IIR in both Hong Kong and Singapore, for the World Bank in Shanghai (at the request of the Chinese Ministry of Finance), and for JETRO to business leaders in Tokyo, Japan as well as to many scholarly conferences/seminars
at IDEAS in Tokyo and Chiba.

He is currently an Associate in International Relations at Macquarie University as well as the former Director of APRIM (the Asia-Pacific Research Institute) pursuing a number of commercial consultancies.

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