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Cross-Cultural Training

Africa - Middle East - India

Our trainers are in
the following countries:

  • South Africa
  • Egypt
  • UAE (including Dubai)
  • India – several locations
  • Saudia Arabia
  • Burkina Faso
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • For other locations, contact WorldWide Connect

Sample Bios

We have several specialists in this region. View a few bios below.

Middle East Expert

This highly experienced trainer has worked on five continents throughout her corporate career in the fields of banking and information technology. She has been providing executive coaching to the C-level and cross cultural business consultancy services since 2006, focusing on best practices for businesses and their employees expanding into new territories. She has worked with a variety of prestigious organizations in the fields of banking and finance, insurance, legal, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, health care, education, media, FMCG, luxury brand retailers, technology, manufacturing, transport, aviation, defense, and the British Government. She has delivered her consultancy services in the UK, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Ireland, Turkey, continental Europe, and the US. 

Much of her career has been spent working throughout the Middle East, where she held various sales and new business development roles covering territories from North Africa to the Afghan border, including Saudi Arabia as a businesswoman in her own right. She has managed a variety of business partnerships that included American, European, and Indian multinationals, big-name Gulf and Levantine family businesses, and conglomerates from the Far East. Countries included: Middle East: Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE (including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain), Yemen.  

She also has extensive background working in the Indian subcontinent. Her Indian experience began shortly after the country’s liberalization in the early 1990s, where she was a pioneer in forging partnerships between Indian and multinational technology organizations to modernize banking practices in the Reserve Bank of India and other major banks throughout the country. Her experience includes setting up an early outsourcing model leading to the establishment of virtual and remote teams in the UK, US, and India.

She is the author of Working and Living in Saudi Arabia, The Middle East Unveiled, and its successor, Doing Business in the Middle East, books aimed at Western travellers to the Middle East as well as addressing issues of particular interest to Western business women. She is also the author of Doing Business in the New Iraq and is a contributing author to Lonely Planet’s 2010 edition of Oman, UAE, and Arabian Peninsula guide with the article: A Businesswoman in Saudi.

Cross-Cultural Expert

This experienced and highly rated cross-cultural expert has conducted trainings for executives from Fortune 500 companies from a wide range of industries, including consumer and industrial products, financial services, technology, and pharmaceuticals. 

Her previous business experience encompasses 15 years across India in sales & marketing, business development, and events. As General Manager of Advertising for The Business India Group, publishers of India’s premier magazine ‘Business India’, she was part of senior management and responsible for advertising sales for all titles published by the Group and worked with senior business executives across a variety of industries and managed teams across several cities in India. 

She is also experienced in working with leading global relocation companies and delivering pre-departure, post-arrival, youth, and repatriation programs. Has personal relocation and repatriation experience includes living as an expat in Singapore where she was selected by SACAC (Singapore American Community Action Council) as a Facilitator for their highly regarded ‘Settling in Singapore’ program.

Her education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and a Masters in Business Management from Mumbai University, along with the Strategic Management Program from The National University of Singapore as well as a program on Leadership from The Singapore Institute of Management. She has a Certificate in Training Small Groups from Work & Training, Australia, and is a certified Mentor with Orijen, a specialist mentoring company based in Australia. She is a member of the Sietar India board since 2010 and Chairperson of the Sietar India Conference held in Mumbai in 2012.

In her personal life, she is married with two children and has enjoyed traveling to over 30 countries. She is fluent in English, Hindi, and a smattering of a few Indian languages.

Cultural Trainer & Coach

This experienced intercultural consultant, self-leadership facilitator, and coach specializes in cultivating global mind-sets and providing practical, real-time solutions to challenges in global-local work environments.  The outcome is measurable behavior change in executives’ work and life that is appreciated and acknowledged by both individual and corporate clients. Based in Mumbai and Toronto, she provides expert learning and development inputs to ensure people and systems operate effectively across world cultures with resounding clarity. 

This talented trainer with over 25 years of experience defines herself as someone who is “inspired and open to life without borders, forging ahead with integrity and self-expression, and in the process, inspiring and empowering other people”. 

Cultural psychology, cognitive global communication, and multi-cultural diversity are all inherent to this coach’s professional journey. With strategic communication as her core asset, she drove business for consumer brands as head of large advertising agencies in Egypt and UK.  She then led entrepreneurial ventures in New York and with an NGO in Canada.  Originally from India, she left in 1988 for the UK before moving on to spend 22 years in North America. She returned to live in India in 2010, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience and an abundant passion for intercultural management. 

Now, as an Intercultural Consultant to multiple global organizations, she delivers successful cross-cultural training for Expat and Indian leaders working across borders, and global leadership programs to multi-cultural management teams. She has worked in India with CEOs, senior-level executives and departmental managers from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds to support these leaders become effective and comfortable working with other nationalities. 

As an Executive Coach, her ability to inspire people to question conventional wisdom and embrace change is part of her unique style and results in positive outcomes. She blends constructive realism with humor to engage self-awareness and clarity of purpose. The leader learns to employ clarity and sensitivity and, in using the newly acquired behaviors and skills, is better able to drive results to reach their bottom-line goals exceeding both individual and organizational expectations. 

Clients from multiple industries partnered with her to achieve their goals, including Unilever, L’Oréal Paris, Danone-Nutricia, GSK, Life Fitness, Brookfield, Unilever, PMC Sierra, Met-life, J P Morgan, Bayer, Visa, Government of Canada, Jaguar, Prolite India, Merck, Bombardier, Scotia Bank, and Honeywell. 

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