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Trainer – Pacific Northwest

This consultant, corporate trainer, and coach specializes in leading effectively in a global environment, including the areas of intercultural competency, inclusive leadership, and global virtual teams for corporations, teams and individuals. Her current work includes leading cross-cultural training and interactive webinars related to North America, Asia, and Europe, as well as business seminars on project management and coaching skills for managers.

She has spent over ten years working and living in Asia, mostly in Japan, speaks Japanese and has studied Mandarin Chinese. She has an MBA in International Business and is co-author of the book Business Passport to Japan: Maximizing Your Success in the 21st Century, an essential guide for anyone who does business with Japan.

Her management consulting, coaching, training, and research have taken her thoughout the United States, as well as Japan, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, India, South Korea, SE Asia, and South America. Clients in Japan include Intel, Proctor & Gamble, Hitachi, Dell Computers, NEC, and Motorola. Additional clients have included Daimler, The Gap, Mitsubishi Bank, Micron, Sony, Boeing, Fujitsu, Toyota and Nike.

Examples of past projects include working with a US-Japan steel-manufacturing joint venture and responsibility for International Management Development programs helping global employees succeed in a competitive US work environment. She has designed, conducted, and managed a variety of global business and cultural competency development programs including business communication, negotiation, and globalization for high level executives.

She has been a Board Member for the Society of Intercultural Education, Training, and Research (SIETAR-USA), helped develop a certification program for Global Diversity Practitioners, and has certification in Global Virtual Team facilitation and high-impact webinar delivery. Additional professional associations include the Japan-America Society and the World Affairs Council.

This talented trainer currently resides in the United States. Understanding culture through travel and photography are her passions as she continues to pursue cultural exploration around the world.

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