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Trainer – Southwest

This cross-cultural consultant has worked for over 10 years with the Chinese and U.S. government, high-tech, manufacturing, biotech and healthcare industries. She works closely with U.S. and Chinese businesses to establish mutually beneficial relationships, inspiring enthusiasm and teamwork across cultures. She assists American firms with sourcing vendors, understanding business practices, Chinese culture, working and managing Chinese employees, negotiations, transmission of reports and contracts, translation and interpretation, lends her skills to interpret the language, as well as teaching about culture and motivations of the Chinese workforce. For Chinese businesses, she interprets foreign cultural practices new to them.

Since 2006, this expert has worked with American and European companies, including high tech corporations and multibillion projects. Some of the companies she has worked with include: Intel FAB68 Project, Honeywell C919 project, Westinghouse AP1000 project, GE, Motorola, On-Semiconductor, LSI, Sandia National Lab, Boeing, Port of Portland, PTC, QVC, ADM, Disney, American Express, Grainger International, SanDisk, Cisco, Wal-Mart, Marvell, Bayer, SVTC, Bosch, and many more. She helped them with tasks such as doing business in China and how to facilitate the differences in business practices to build trust along a wide spectrum of clients from senior executives, high level and business managers, to spouses and children, to rural farmers-turned-factory workers. She has successfully completed “Global Executive Coaching” at SIIC. She has trained over 2000 people/families within the last 4 years, which included over 400 expatriates and their families relocating to China who she helped prepare for the cultural insights, language, social practices, and expectations needed to experience successful assignments. Additionally she worked with over 400 Chinese who came to the States for a high-tech company overseas training, including both face to face training as well as Webinars. She has delivered, with high praise, the “Working with China and Advanced Managing of Chinese workers” for over 800 Americans as well as “Working with America” for over 400 Chinese clients. With her high levels of energy, flexibility in teaching technique, and avid love of learning, she challenges trainees to meet and exceed their learning goals. This cross-cultural specialist also attended the 13th SIETAR USA in Washington D.C. in 2013 and presented a China session at the conference titled, “Me Generation – The Young Generation and Today’s China,” which was well received and earned enthusiastic praises.

Born and raised in Beijing, she graduated from Tianjin Medical University, and worked as a medical doctor at Tianjin Medical University General Hospital in the early 1990’s. In 1994 she transitioned to Motorola in Tianjin, to direct a staff of 12 doctors and nurses providing primary and emergency care for 10,000 employees. After training at Motorola’s Arizona facilities, she returned to Tianjin to organize Motorola’s Environmental, Health & Safety Standards (EHS), and Occupational, Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) programs. She worked closely with human resources to develop consultations, assessment, treatment and training for mental health stability among employees. She moved to the 1997 to pursue a dual Master’s degree at Arizona State University, and to work in the Motorola (Arizona) EAP program. She visits China frequently, and speaks fluent English and Mandarin Chinese.

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