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Examples Of How We’ve Helped Other Companies

  • Expatriate Program for a VIP moving from Belgium to Dubai, UAE
  • “Doing Business in China” programs for 300+ US employees
  • Trained VP of Sales (for an aerospace company) overseeing the Asia-Pacific region
  • Coached the CEO (Fortune 500 company) on US/Chinese business strategy
  • Multicultural Team-Building Session for employees from 10 countries
  • Global Leadership Development Program for European/US Executives
  • Trained US businesswomen working in Hong Kong and Shanghai
  • Repatriation training for a Chinese national moving back to Beijing
  • Expatriate training in countries such as Germany, Malaysia, Japan, UAE,
    England, Russia, Vietnam, Australia, S. Korea, India, China and more…
  • Youth Training for children of all ages to help them adjust to their new life
    Assessed employees on intercultural competence with an online tool
    Trained VP of HR (Asia-Pacific) for a billion dollar company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Conducted on-site business training on Dutch culture at an International HQ in Michigan
    US/Brazilian Team-Building Session for a technology company in Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Virtual cultural program for auto execs in Argentina working in the US
    Cultural training for entire Global HR team of a Fortune 500 company
    Global Business Briefing for a US business traveler going to Japan
    Customized global leadership program for a Mexican executive team